Narrative 360 Review for Leadership Development

What is a Narrative 360° Review? 

Narrative 360° Leadership Review is a valuable process to support personal leadership development through receiving specific and requested feedback from selected colleagues.

How does it work?

The Narrative 360° Review feedback is acquired through a series of interviews with participants that can include supervisors, colleagues, direct reports and others, who have been invited and agree to provide candid feedback on the person’s leadership effectiveness.  The Narrative 360° Review process is completed to provide a leader with unique insight into their leadership effectiveness and offers specific feedback to support their development and growth as a leader in the organization.

A confidential report is generated from the survey feedback that highlights how the person receiving the review is perceived by others with respect to the executive/leadership competencies relevant to his or her role.  Based on the results of the report, a leader is able identify developmental activities aimed to enhance and support their effectiveness and growth as a leader.  If desired, targeted coaching and training can be implemented, following the review process, to support the leader’s greatest potential.


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