Coaching for Educational Leaders

Coaching for Educational Leaders in School District No.64 (Gulf Islands), British Columbia

This coaching program is sponsored by School District No. 64 and is available for principals, administrators and district staff who are part of the leadership team.


This SD64 coaching initiative is in year five as it continues to support the creation of a “Coaching Culture” throughout this school district.  Principals, administrators and district staff can access and be supported through 1:1 Coaching and/or Group Coaching.

You can learn more about this SD64 coaching initiative, including reports from previous years of the program, on their website at

Choice within the Coaching for Educational Leaders Program

I am a proud member of the 2013/14 Leadership Coaching Team for the School District No. 64 (Gulf Islands) coaching initiative.  There are three great coaches to choose from within this Coaching for Educational Leaders program including myself, my friend and colleague, Linda Dobson, and long-term coach within the SD64 program, Debbie Magnusson.  We each bring different areas of experience and expertise to our coaching work in order to give you some choice when selecting the coach you feel would be the best fit for your unique coaching goals and needs.  The transformational power of coaching is in the coaching relationship itself so it is important to work with a coach who you ideally have resonance with.

Why choose me as your coach?

I am a good coach to work with if you are looking for professional development, growth and/or support in any of the following areas…

  • Leadership Development (including how to support other peoples’ leadership development)
  • Communication/Having Difficult Conversations
  • Coping with Change and Transitions
  • Resiliency Enhancement
  • Stress Management
  • Work-Life Balance/Integration
  • Writing for Professional/Personal Growth*

*for more information on my work in the Journal Coaching + Writing for Wellness field, feel welcome to visit my other website at

For your interest, you can read more about my experience and credentials in the About Lynda section of this website.

Personally speaking, I have lived on Salt Spring Island since 2000.  I live in the “south end” with my husband, Peter, and our two sons, Jackson and Jesse.  I am an active member of the Fulford Elementary PAC and I care about the staff, families and students in our district.

Getting Started With Coaching

This coaching for educational leaders is offered when you, as a leader, choose to access and initiate a coaching relationship.  To get started, simply contact me directly, we will explore your vision for coaching and decide together how best to move forward to create a dynamic coaching connection in service to your goals.  I would be honoured to work together!