About Thrive


Thrive Training & Coaching exists to inspire, support and educate helpers, healers, educators, caregivers, change agents and leaders to thrive while serving the growth and well-being needs of others, and to succeed,  individually and collectively, while working in often high stress, high care, high change and high trauma work.

Core Beliefs

A thriving workplace is where people want to be and do their best.

Thriving professionals are engaged, inspired and provide quality service delivery to the people and causes they serve.


A Special Note During This Pandemic Time

During this pandemic time, healthcare and front-line professionals are being taxed to extremes on every level.  There are real risks of harm to the mental health and well-being of the people who are giving so much of themselves during these very challenging and intense times.  Support matters! 

Taking time to connect, learn and be supported in the midst of it all can make a world of positive difference and help our helpers tap into their resiliency, optimism and hope during very difficult circumstances.  Burnout is real.  While our healers and helpers are super heroes – they are not super human.  They have breaking points too.  Breaking points that should try to be avoided at all costs and this takes intervention and support at the individual, team and workplace levels.

Please reach out.  It is my honour and mission to be helpful and supportive to our caregivers at this time!  


What makes Thrive Training & Coaching programs and services unique?

I know you have many training and coaching professionals to choose from when you set out to contract for training, professional development and coaching for you and your organization, so what makes me and Thrive unique?


1) Teaching + Coaching Style

Thrive training and coaching programs are engaging, informative and fun.  Research shows that we learn better when we are enjoying ourselves.  We are more able to stretch out of our comfort zones, learn and take risks when we feel seen, heard and supported.  Through storytelling, information sharing, practical tools, self-reflection, and meaningful conversations – leaders and others are supported to learn and grow.  I believe everyone should leave a training or coaching session with something of value that can be used to create a positive impact in their lives and work!


2) Experience + Credentials + Kindness

I bring 30 years of unique combined experience as a Registered Social Worker, a Professional Co-Active Coach, an organizational health consultant, adult educator, curriculum writer, facilitator and speaker allowing me to offer your organization a diverse range of knowledge, credentials, and experience.  I bring a compassionate and empowering approach to my work ensuring my clients, individuals, teams and organizations, receive respect and kindness; two virtues that go a long way in bringing out the best in us all.


3) Alignment + Impact

I am committed to serving organizations and groups where I believe I can have the greatest positive impact through providing learning opportunities and support that will have resonance and value for clients.  I am best suited to work with healthcare, social service, human service, crisis response, and education sectors, non-profits, government and purpose-driven businesses that serve the greater good in some way. I work best with caregiving organizations and professionals who make a difference.


4) Professional Fees

I provide all Thrive programs and services directly and as such my professional fees are accessible and fair since there is not a large corporate infrastructure that has to be supported within my fee structure.  Therefore, these savings are passed along to you – allowing your organization and employees to get great value, high quality, professional training and coaching services at an affordable and accessible rate.


5) Collaborative Network

I have a wide network of expert consultants, trainers and colleagues who I connect with and draw upon for support and collaboration.  I have the ability to pull together a team of professionals to help meet your specific scope of learning needs that might exceed my own capacity or expertise.  In other words, while I am an independent consultant, trainer, coach and speaker – I am part of a larger group of professionals and we often collaborate together to meet client goals and also to offer peer support to one another.


6) Leadership + Self-Care By Example

Leadership is about people and potential, including our own. Great leaders inspire and empower their people (staff, colleagues) and those they serve (clients, students, patients, etc.). You can count on me to infuse inspiration and support into all that I do when serving your organization – in other words, I am committed to leading by example and I ensure self-care is a top priority in my life and work (including during this pandemic time, which is not always easy, but always very important).  I believe caring and integrity are leadership skills. I believe people want to succeed, be well and make a difference.

This happens best when people feel supported to learn, grow and thrive, and when they are equally supported to cope and hang on during the tough times too. Such is the case during this Covid-19 pandemic!

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