Appreciative Coaching Circle: A Strengths-Based Process for Team Building & Employee Well-Being

Are you looking to cultivate team building, peer support and employee well-being within your organization or working group?  Team building is not an event but rather a process in any working group and organization.  Team building helps individuals and groups to cultivate both strong peer support that strengthens both work performacne and employee well-being all at once.

Engage in a facilitated Appreciative Coaching Circle, a process grounded in appreciative inquiry for change and growth.  Come together as a team or working group to explore your current strengths, opportunities, aspirations and goals, while deepening your connections and conversations together about the things that really matter, while appreciating the best of what exists already.

Appreciative Coaching is theoretically grounded in Appreciative Inquiry (AI) – a revolutionary approach to change management, developed by David Cooperrider in the 1980’s, that is based on the assumption that inquiry into and dialogue about strengths, successes, hopes, and dreams is a transformational process.   Appreciative Coaching is an approach to leadership development and team building that is rooted in Appreciative Inquiry whereby you are guided through four stages – Discover, Dream, Design + Destiny – for the purpose of engaging growth and change in a strengths-based, respectful and inspiring way.

Through a blend of interactive activities and focused group discussion, this Appreciative Coaching Circle gives participants the opportunity to:

  • Engage in guided conversation to explore strengths and goals of the group
  • Discuss the current change goals within the group and/or organization in a positive manner, avoiding a problem-focused approach
  • Discover strengths and past accomplishments to achieve the current desired results
  • Develop trust among team members and colleagues (trust gets built when people can experience some positive feelings about themselves and their situation)
  • Learn about Appreciative Inquiry (by experiencing it) as a tool and process that can be used on an ongoing basis to successfully manage change in the workplace moving forward
  • Connect with colleagues in appreciative, supportive and meaningful ways

Bring an Appreciative Coaching Circle to your workplace to support both team building, positive peer support, employee well-being and success within your group and organization.

Appreciative Coaching Model


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