Burnout to Balance in the Workplace

Workshop Overview

This one-day training workshop introduces the six key elements to prevent burnout and explores how to cultivate greater balance and employee engagement within the workplace. Burnout is not just an individual problem. The cost of burnout is also high for organizations due to the following: reduced employee productivity, poor work quality, decreased employee engagement, increased absenteeism, more conflict in the workplace, and staff turnover. In order to thrive and ensure both employee and organizational health, it is essential to learn how to prevent burnout, enhance balance and cultivate stress resilience with individuals, teams and within the overall workplace.

Learning Objectives

  • Define how burnout differs from job stress
  • Understand 3 key components of burnout and 12 phases of the onset of professional burnout
  • Identify the pressures that can contribute to chronic exhaustion, cynicism, and ineffectiveness
  • Explore both individual and organizational approaches to solving the problem of burnout
  • Learn 6 proven strategies for increasing productive engagement between people and their work
  • Notice, observe and feel reduced stress levels
  • Consider balance as both a prevention and intervention approach to reducing the risk of burnout (discover why it is better to prevent burnout that to deal with it later)
  • Ignite real motivation for addressing burnout in the workplace to create a caring and healthy organizational culture

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