Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching is an investment that pays dividends for leaders and their workplaces! 

Please note, I am not taking any new individual coaching clients in 2021 to focus on offering more virtual sessions to groups and organizations in effort to help as many front-line professionals during this continued Covid pandemic time.  Thank you for understanding.



Thrive Leadership Coaching programs exist to help you be the best you can be as a change leader or manager within your organization.  Coaching is a powerful process that gives you the support, tools, insights and time you need to reflect and grow in order to develop your desired leadership skills, competencies and goals.

Coaching is extremely valuable for any leader AND a coach approach to leadership can infuse success, change and growth throughout all levels of your organization.



Thrive Leadership Coaching Programs + Services include the following: 

Appreciative Coaching Circle:  A Strengths-Based Process for Change in the Workplace
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The Heart of Thrive Leadership Coaching

It would be my honour to serve you and your organization to co-create a transformational coaching experience dedicated to your growth, learning, well-being and leadership. Thank you.

“When leaders make time to have conversations with co-workers about what matters to them, they can create cultures where people connect, feel appreciated, and thrive in all areas of their lives.”  John Keyser

When leaders make time to have coaching conversations for themselves, they create the foundation for being supported, inspired and in action with what matters most in their work and lives.  Coaching conversations are purposeful and powerful.

Thrive Leadership Coaching is designed to support you, as a leader, to create a positive work environment and meaningful work relationships where people can thrive.  We are all leaders to someone!