Mindfulness Strategies for Employee Well-Being, Resilience & Productivity

Workshop Overview

This one-day interactive workshop introduces the benefits of mindfulness practice for employee well-being, resilience and productivity. Workplace stress, employee morale, staff well-being and work-life balance needs are common concerns in today’s workplace. In purpose-driven caregiving organizations, the complexities of employee stress are amplified by workload issues, the nature of the work, exposure to various occupational hazards such as burnout, compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma. Mindfulness is a proven skill and practice that can help cultivate resilience, reduce stress, increase feelings of calm and well-being, while supporting optimal focus, decision-making, and productivity. Mindfulness is being used in healthcare, education, leadership, clinical practice and beyond.

Learning Objectives

  • Define mindfulness – what is mindfulness?
  • Explore the many benefits of mindfulness including improved physical, emotional and mental health
  • Learn how mindfulness impacts the brain and why this can be so helpful
  • Discover the difference between formal and informal mindfulness practices
  • Experience mindfulness practices including mindfulness meditation, body scan meditation, mindful breathing, loving kindness practice, mindful movement and more
  • Notice, observe and feel reduced stress levels
  • Consider how to integrate mindfulness at work and within the workplace
  • Understand the connection between mindfulness and quality service delivery
  • Increase the positive benefits of mindfulness through the “ripple effect”

Mindfulness Matters.

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