The Resilience Advantage Workshop

Workshop Overview

This workshop will help you to successfully deal with change in the workplace. Continuous change and transition in the workplace can be stressful and challenging for both individuals and organizations. When an individual is experiencing high levels of change, their capacity to adapt and cope can be compromised. Leaders, managers and staff alike can benefit from having the resilience advantage – the ability to absorb high levels of disruptive change while remaining productive. Resilience can be learned and strengthened to ensure that people and organizations are able to succeed and thrive during times of change.

The Resilience Advantage workshop is a one-day course that explains why change can be challenging and introduces five characteristics of resilient individuals. Participants will receive feedback on their own strengths and areas for development, practice applying each characteristic in highly engaging individual and group activities, and build an action plan for strengthening one of the characteristics. It goes beyond teaching people how to merely “survive” or “cope with” disruptions and high levels of change in the workplace—instead, it focuses on learning the skills required to succeed in a dynamic and ever-changing work environment

Learning Objectives

  • Learn why resilience is important and why change can be stressful
  • Understand the relationship between personal resilience and meeting the relevant demands in your work and life
  • Identify the signs and symptoms of change overwhelm
  • Discover the five characteristics of personal resilience and how they help a person successfully adapt and cope during times of change
  • Explore these resiliency characteristics and how they can help conserve and liberate your energy, practice using them in a series of fun, energizing exercises
  • Receive individual feedback using the Personal Resilience® Profile (this 15-20 minute assessment is completed online, in advance of the course)
  • Develop concrete action steps for gaining the resilience advantage to ensure performance, engagement and well-being during times of change and transition
  • Review success strategies for dealing with change at both the individual and organizational levels

Bring this training workshop to your employees and organization.

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